Sunday, June 15, 2014


Do you like sandbox games? Minecraft is one of the best indie games ever made! It is an open-world first-person adventure game, created by Mojang! At the beginning you can spawn anywhere, because the world in forming randomly, so you can start in the desert of island. Minecraft has no story line, like all sandbox games, but you can kill the dragon in the End-world and steal his egg. Keep in mind, thousands of endermen are there and they will kill in a few seconds if you look in their eyes. In Minecraft you can do whatever you want: build something, swim, eat, and fight with different monsters. Moreover, you have the opportunity to make various farms to rear animals and cultivate plans for all you needs. Farm can be automatic too, but you need to think a little in order to make them working right. As you know, this is an unblocked version of Minecraft and you can play absolutely for free! It is possible to play with friends via LAN or Internet connection, you just need a server for that!


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